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3 Things you need your website designer to have

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

1. A designer who has worked in the same or similar industry to you

Whilst a lot of website designers will pride themselves on their diverse portfolio, you really want to be working alongside someone who has experience in your industry.

Their diversity should come with their skillset, but their designs should be able to set you aside as an industry leader.

Your website design is a direct reflection of your brand and more importantly, how you're going to persuade your ideal customer to buy from you.

2. Results from previous websites they’ve worked on

Don’t use a website designer that doesn’t have results. Flashy statistics won’t cut the mustard either -cold, hard evidence in the form of screenshots is where it’s at.

Be that crazy ex you’ve always wanted to be and stalk your potential website designer for these before you hook up with them.

3. They help you market your website once it’s built

It’s all well and good having a website but if you don’t know how to get it out there after it’s finished then it can feel entirely redundant.

Design needs to be created with your brand strategy in mind, it’s not all about mood boards and colourways. Your designer should have outlined your marketing strategy before building the website so you aren’t left with a pretty website that has absolutely zero purpose.

The Takeaway

Finding a designer that’s right for you can be a total minefield and the investment you make needs to pay off.

If you’re currently struggling with finding your perfect match then you can always slide seamlessly into my DM’s. Even if we don’t fit, you can question me until you’re fully equipped to arm yourself with a website your business deserves.

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