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25 Instagram Content Ideas

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Trying to generate ideas for your social media content can be difficult so I thought I would compile 25 of my favourite ideas for you to use. Try to fit these into your content pillars so you are able to regularly use them and get the most out of each idea.

1. Remind your followers of who you are or introduce any team members that they haven’t met before.

2. Go into depth about your product or service, why you created it and what sparked the inspiration.

3. Tell a ‘fail’ story, a time where you have felt completely defeated and ready to throw in the towel.

4. Post a quote, keep the design black and white so that it won’t clash with other people’s aesthetics if they want to repost.

5. Collaborate with another account by creating a post that has mutual interest between the two different audiences.

6. Giveaway some of your most valuable tips that relate to your business.

7. Use testimonials to show any potential customers that other people have had success from using your service or product.

8. Create a text post to stop people from endlessly scrolling, this is a great way to capture people’s attention who can’t be bothered to read Instagram captions.

9. Post photos of you in your working environment. If you can’t afford to invest in a photographer, I have a previous blog post here that explains how to take professional photos of yourself.

10. Hard sell posting, this is where you cut the chat and tell your audience exactly what you are selling and how much it is.

11. Tell a success story, how you got there and you gained from the journey.

12. Post a short video of you working, people are nosey so let them into your world!

13. Is there any exciting news you think your audience will like? Sometimes these types of things can feel boring to you but it gives your business a sense of progression.

14. Do you post content on other social media platforms? Let your audience know you’ve posted a new Tik Tok or YouTube video.

15. Remind your audience of where they can find your service or product, you could either leave a link in your bio or remember to tag your product using Instagram Shopping.

16. Ask your audience a question and open a discussion in the comment section below.

17. A behind the scenes look at your business, what your day looks like or how you create a product.

18. Do some market research and get to know what hurdles your potential customers consistently come up against. Tackle this within your business and then make a post explaining how your business can solve the issue.

19. If you are holding an event or have created new content for a blog then do not stop shouting about it. It should be mentioned frequently, not only to bring new faces but also to remind the old ones.

20. Identify your USP and talk about it, take yourself out of the equation and pinpoint what it is about your business that is different. If your USP has been you, what is different about you?

21. Create your own challenge or game to be shared on Instagram stories.

22. Talk to your audience via video using Instagram Reels, IGTV or Stories, make sure you annotate your videos as most people will click away from a video if they feel like they will have to listen at the pace of your voice.

23. Show your product or service in situ, it’ll help your audience visualise themselves owning it.

24. Celebrate any holidays or seasonable dates to stay relevant.

25. Use statistics to prove you are able to get results.

I hope you found this post useful and if you think someone else would then please follow me on Instagram and share this post @behindtheseenmarketing.

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